• We welcome you to try Badger
    Ham, and “Taste the Difference.”

Why Choose Badger Ham

baked honey ham

We use USDA Inspected, fresh ham that is bred, raised without hormones, raised and harvested in the United States.

We use real cane, brown and maple sugar – No artificial or corn-based sweeteners are used in our facility.

Natural hard wood smoke for all smoked products – No liquid smokes or food coloring and additives to create the appearance or flavor of smoke.

badger ham team meal

Since 1939, we still use a proprietary unique flavoring blend with clove oil and spices.

We distribute a fresher product and do not use recently developed additives to extend shelf life at the expense of flavor.

Our employees are here for the long term and they are committed to making a superior product with pride.

Gluten Free, Milk Free, No Alergens.

Our product is a bargain when considering quality, yield and the best flavor.